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JC Concrete Polishing, Color Chart

At JC Concrete Polishing, we care about the design of your floor and about finding the right color scheme, which is why we offer an enormous variety of AmeriPolish Dye colors from which to choose. Pick a color that makes your floor look dazzling and matches the rest of the décor in your house or commercial space. The concrete can be stained to simulate the appearance of polished stone, which gives your floor that lavish, luxurious look without the cost. JC Concrete Polishing will help you choose a color for your floor that will make it as visually stunning.

The Difference is in the Color of the Floor

The color of your floor can make all the difference between a wonderfully decorated house and one that is aesthetically lacking. The ambiance of a room can be set according to the color of the floor and how it blends in with the other colors in the room.

The right color applied to the floor can bring a room to life. Your floor has the power to accentuate the other furnishings in the room. You want to give your floor a color that will allow it to breathe and make the rest of the room stand out at the same time.

Colors Available

The following is a list of just a few of the colors JC Concrete Polishing offers:

ScreenShot014 ScreenShot015

Results of applying color to your floor may vary depending on the color of your concrete slab. If your concrete slab changes color, the color of the dye could be affected. Color results cannot be guaranteed; the color shown in samples may appear different when it is applied, depending on your slab. Multiple colors of dye can be applied.

The color or colors you choose for your floor combined with a variety of decorative cutting options that we offer can make your floor truly unique. Call us today and we’ll help you decide which color would look best on your concrete floor!

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