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At JC Concrete Polishing, we enhance the beauty of your existing concrete floor by turning it into a surface that can stand alone, thus eliminating the need for floor coverings such as carpet or tile. These floor coverings, known as “overlayments,” can be expensive in the long run because they often require costly and lengthy installation, frequent and laborious cleaning, and replacement every few years. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and extremely durable, thus making them the most cost-effective option for your floor.

We use two primary methods for polishing concrete: tropical and mechanical. Mechanical polishing involves wet and dry polishing, while tropical polishing involves deep cleaning by scrubbing, sealing, and buffing. We also have decorative polishing options available.

Mechanical Polishing

The mechanical polishing technique involves using diamonds to grind down the concrete to expose the aggregate. We use different “grit levels” to determine the sheen of the floor, ranging from 200 grit (matte finish) to 3,000 grit (high gloss).

With dry polishing, we simply grind your concrete floor to the level you desire, then we polish the floor by applying densifyers and sealer until the floor has the sheen level that you want. Depending on the level of aggregate you want to expose, it may be necessary to grind down up to one half of the concrete surface.

Wet polishing is easier on your diamond tooling, which makes it last longer; but at the same time, it generates slurry (a thin mixture of cement and water that needs to be disposed of). The time it takes to separate and dispose of the slurry creates downtime in production.

Dry polishing is the preferred method of polishing because it:

  • Does not create slurry, thus there is no downtime in production
  • Uses HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuuming, which eliminates 98 percent of airborne particulates
  • Allows for fast installation

Tropical Polishing

Tropical polishing involves penetrant sealants that seep into the concrete and react with the elements. Like mechanical polishing, tropical polishing can obtain various sheen levels from matte to high gloss depending on how much the floor is buffed after it is scrubbed and sealed. Tropical is the most cost-effective choice out of mechanical, tropical, and decorative polishing.

Decorative Polishing

This type of polishing involves saw cutting, stenciling, or engraving into the concrete, and also includes a number of sheen options and aggregate exposure options.

Call us today and we will help you determine which option is best for your concrete floor.


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