JC Concrete Polishing is Licensed Contractor serving the San Francisco Bay Area’s decorative concrete needs for over 13 years. Concrete polishing has recently become a great alternative to other flooring options depending on requirements of the floor. This has become the most unique flooring option on the market due to every concrete floor having different characteristics. Decorative cutting and dyes have made the floors even more attractive and unique.

With the movement towards green products, a polished concrete floor creates a natural, low maintenance surface. Most of the large retail warehouse stores utilize polished concrete in their facilities because it is easier to clean and reflects up to 30% more light.

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process depending on the quality of surface. The process uses diamonds to “sand” the concrete smooth similar to the sanding wood. Each step utilizes a different grit increment to create a more reflective, smoother floor. With the use of industrial vacuums, polishing is a dry, fume-free process.

JC Concrete Polishing utilizes Prosoco/Consolideck products to offer their customers the best options in concrete dyes, sealers, and cleaners. There are multiple options available for multiple types of floors. The videos below demonstrate some of the steps required for a dye and polish. The existing floor determines the quality of the floor.

JC Concrete Polishing would like the opportunity to come out and look at your floor with you to help you through the process.

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